Senator Murphy Partners with Southwest for Mental Health Bill

Bridgeport, CT - U.S. Senator Chris Murphy recently partnered with Southwest to hold a community round table discussion in Bridgeport, CT in hopes of gaining more support and informing the community about a Mental Health Reform Act he co-authored and passing it through before the Trump administration takes office. This last minute push has been referred by many as the "Last Train Leaving the Station" since we have the holiday season upon us and the start of the new year around the corner. This new year will bring the inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump who looks to make some changes in how our government functions. Some of those changes threaten the the life lines to some very much needed community and social services. The hopes of passing this bill and the monies which will be tied along to it are scheduled to be discussed over the next few weeks. 

Over 80 mental health and addiction specialist crowded into the Southwest - 3rd floor conference room, awaiting the announcement of details to the bill that Sen. Murphy co-authored alongside U.S. Sen Bill Cassidy, a Louisiana Republican. The foundation of the bill would support a parity between physical and mental healthcare. This bill would require insurance companies to give patients approved access to mental health care and limit the barriers that they have currently presented to patients in need. Sen. Murphy outlined that this bill would support the "clarification" of laws and would reform particular HIPAA restrictions on sharing information with parents of minors seeking treatment. 

The bill looks to be promising as it has gained bi-partisan support with 14 republican and 14 democrats co-sponsors. Southwest was honored to host this community discussionand we look forward to many more partnerships in the future.